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Through the Scottish Cities Alliance millions of pounds are being invested to make Scotland’s cities smarter, using new technologies to accelerate and transform the delivery of city services.

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Smart Cities aim to create efficient infrastructure, support urban planning and improve the population’s well-being using insights taken from sophisticated data analytics.

The Alliance leads this work in Scotland, developing a programme of projects across all seven cities to make them internationally competitive and help boost economic growth.

There are huge benefits to be gained. By working together Scotland’s cities are using economies of scale to learn individually and share knowledge.

They can strongly position themselves to access investment, create scale for investors and identify common, transferable approaches, innovations and solutions – making them more attractive to investors, residents, visitors and the business community.

Smart City technology could manage urban congestion, maximise energy efficiency through smart grid technology, enhance public safety, help improve air quality and traffic flow, cut pollution and give planners an insight into the way cities work.

It has been shown that cities which adopt a Smart City approach make public services more effective and efficient.

Having already had interest from countries such as the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, China and Italy, the Alliance has an ambition to be part of a collaboration of world-leading cities in smart technology by 2020, supporting the delivery of the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy.

Our cities are well on their way to achieving this target, using a range of funding initiatives to build the data infrastructure required such as Scotland’s 8th City – the Smart City in which all seven cities are working together to expand their Smart City capabilities.

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European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities Market Place
European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities Market Place
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