Low Carbon

The Scottish Cities Alliance recognises the importance of a low carbon future and the positive link between actions related to climate change and the economic prosperity of Scotland.

The ‘Our Cities are Smart and Sustainable’ work stream has the following outcomes which relate to low carbon activity:

  • Developing a low carbon and renewable energy portfolio and reducing energy demand
  • Developing approaches to sustainable waste management
  • Developing and applying smart technology to all appropriate infrastructure investment

The Alliance produced the Low Carbon Resilient Cities Report in 2015, which highlighted the key areas for low carbon action. This outlines the collaborative opportunities across the cities and emphasises the fact that if an investment of 1% of Scotland's GDP was invested to mitigate against climate change and in projects to reduce carbon emissions, the following economic benefits could be expected:

  • Economic output worth £2.9 billion
  • Gross Value Added worth £1 billion
  • 21,000 full-time equivalent jobs created

The Alliance is developing a pipeline of work to implement the recommendations from the Low Carbon Resilient Cities Report. Particular focus has been placed on projects in the areas of:

  • Energy efficiency retrofit
  • Low carbon heat
  • Urban renewables
  • Integrated energy systems
  • The circular economy

The Alliance will promote sharing of lessons learned and access to the multiple low carbon knowledge networks that exist across the seven cities and their regions.


Low Carbon Resilient Cities Report


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