Hydrogen Strategy

In 2013, the Scottish Cities Alliance commissioned a study on 'Building a Hydrogen Economy for Scotland’, which resulted in a strategy document with a national vision for using hydrogen. After assessing the findings, the seven Scottish cities agreed to pursue several key strands of activities to begin developing a hydrogen economy including:

  • Large scale deployment of hydrogen fuel cell buses
  • Hydrogen refuelling station infrastructure development
  • Greening council fleets through the introduction of fuel cell electric vehicles
  • Production of green hydrogen from renewable electricity
  • Grid balancing
  • Combined Heat and Power (integrating the production of usable heat and power (electricity) in a single, highly efficient process.
  • District Heating Schemes (a system for distributing heat generated in a centralised location to meet residential and commercial heating requirements)
The Alliance is involved with the commercialisation of hydrogen fuel cell buses and infrastructure.

One of the significant projects that the Alliance is involved with is the commercialisation of hydrogen fuel cell buses and infrastructure, which is the largest project of its scale in Europe.

Following deployment of hydrogen fuel cell buses, hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and production of green hydrogen, the Alliance will look to apply these across cities and their regions. We will also build on this by deploying a range of hydrogen fleet vehicles too.

This will allow Scotland to position itself as one of Europe’s leading early adopters of hydrogen technology and attract investment into sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, energy and commercialisation of the technology over the next few years.

As well as the economic benefits, the use of hydrogen solutions will contribute to the achievement of Scotland’s challenging climate change targets, and improve local air quality.

By adopting a united approach to building a hydrogen economy, Scotland will have the necessary scale to attract investor funding and accelerate our transition to a zero/low carbon economy and to provide energy security, economic growth and enhance the wellbeing of our communities.


Building a Hydrogen Economy for Scotland

Hydrogen and fuel cells: Opportunities for growth: A Roadmap for the UK – August 2016

Case Study

Building the Hydrogen Economy in Scotland: The Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project

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