Investment Promotion Team

As global capital investment increases and competition within markets intensifies, the Alliance’s Investment Promotion team is working to develop propositions which will appeal to potential investors and attract capital investment to large-scale projects throughout Scotland.

We want to develop long term relationships with investors and engage with the international investment market directly, as this will allow us to better understand the specific requirements of funds and to ensure these interests are directed appropriately.

The Alliance brings together the various public and private sector interests and responsibilities relating to projects before propositions are put to potential investors.

Our Pitch Book incorporates a portfolio of large-scale, high quality, investor-ready projects in the public and private sectors, which can be tailored to match the interests of specific investors.

We offer not only large-scale, site-specific projects, but can also bring together smaller schemes to create projects of scale which can be more attractive to potential investors.


Scotland's Trade and Investment Strategy

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