Innovating With Data Across The Public Sector: Dundee - Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory

April 1st 2020

Dundee: Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory

What is it?

The MILL (Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory) is an innovation centre and a partnership between Dundee City Council and Urban Foresight. Through its ShareMORE pilot projects, supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF), the MILL is developing smart mobility products and data that can be tailored to the specific needs of Dundee citizens, then upscaled for use in other Scottish cities and further afield. Key pilot projects include solutions to increase public use of car club vehicles, solutions to optimise corporate fleet by increase shared use of mobility assets and smart parking services.

Why is it needed?

Dundee is an ideal testbed to demonstrate the integration of smart mobility projects and solutions to address many of the complex social and economic challenges facing today’s cities. The innovations developed at The MILL aim to reduce environmental impacts of transport, improve access to employment and services, delivering positive change to help create better quality of life for citizens. By developing a sustainable transport system, the MILL will provide greater efficiencies for residents and businesses, attract new infrastructure investment and creating economic opportunities that will make Dundee more competitive.

What impact does it have?

Preliminary data already shows that over three months of using six ULEV car club vehicles, Dundee City Council eliminated over 732 car journeys from the road by moving away from spot hiring of vehicles. In addition, smart parking technologies are providing insights on parking sessions, including monthly sessions and parking revenue, enabling parking managers to enhance users’ experience as well as potentially optimising parking assets.

How important is data to the project?

The MILL project partners contribute datasets to support the Dundee Open Data Platform to enable innovative solutions to be developed. Preliminary data has been collected via car club vehicles’ telematic and services’ app usage, while the eventual plan is to introduce linkage and methods of querying data through The MILL’s real time API will feed this information onto the Dundee-owned Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) App, with a future iteration integrating and providing payment for different transport services.

Who to contact for more information?

For more information contact:

Gary Milne, or Lingsay Wong,

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