28th September 2016

Location: The Studio, Glasgow, 67 Hope St, G2 6AE

Time: 14:00 – 15:15

Supported by the Scottish Cities Alliance’s Smart Cities Scotland Programme, Scotland’s cities have made significant progress in developing their understanding of how adopting open data and Smart technology approaches can help them deliver city services in a more effective, efficient and sustainable way. This session provided a platform for the Alliance partners to launch their Smart Cities Scotland Blueprint, allowing experts from academia and industry in Scotland to reflect on how the opportunities and levers contained therein will aid the development of the Smart Cities market place in Scotland to the benefit of investors, residents, visitors and the business community. Nesta, a UK innovation charity, joined the session to showcase their CITIEScotland research outlining the strong performance of Scotland’s Cities against a range of indicators to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

Smart Cities Blueprint

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