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Connecting Scotland - How the Scottish Government and its agencies engage internationally

The Scottish Cities Alliance (“the Alliance”) is the collaboration of Scotland’s seven cities (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling) and the Scottish Government which is strategically facilitated by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI). It aims to attract external investment, stimulate economic activity and most importantly, create new jobs and business opportunities.

The success of the Alliance in terms of attracting investment will depend on its ability to build relationships and engage effectively with external investors across the UK, the EU and internationally. The Alliance therefore welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Connecting Scotland inquiry as an integral part of achieving its ambitions for Scotland.

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The Urban Dimension of EU policies – Key Features of an EU Urban Agenda

Scottish Cities Alliance response to the proposed EU Urban Agenda

The Alliance is supportive of the proposed EU Urban Agenda recognising and supporting cities such as those in Scotland that have chosen to collaborate to achieve mutual economic objectives and it is specifically on this point that we submit our response to the consultation questions outlined below.

The Alliance is familiar with other collaborating city regions in Europe: The Randstad in the Netherlands, the Rhine-Ruhr in Germany and Øresund in Denmark. It is important to note that the Alliance and these other EU city collaborations have chosen to collaborate for a variety of different reasons and therefore the Commission should consider each collaboration’s Strategic Agenda separately when determining how a proposed EU Urban Agenda might best support collaborative networks of cities.

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NPF3 –Scottish Cities Alliance –Consultation Response

The Alliance welcomes the creation of a third National Planning Framework for Scotland and recognises the opportunity for it to play a key role in helping the Alliance achieve the objectives outlined in the Agenda for Cities and strategic projects identified by the Alliance. Cities are widely recognised as the driving force behind global economic output, and the Agenda for Cities is intended to create the forward momentum required to make sure that Scotland’s cities and their regions are able to make their full contribution to sustainable economic growth for Scotland. Consequently, the Alliance is of the view that NPF3 should place greater emphasis on the role of Scotland’s cities and their regions as key drivers of the economy and form a framework which assists them to work together to maximise their collective potential.

As a document which sets out Scotland’s long term economic plans and opportunities, the Alliance is keen to stress the potential for NPF3 to complement work underway as part of the Attracting Investment workstream. If careful consideration is given to the format and style of NPF3, there is potential for it to provide a spatial framework for land use as well as a marketing and investment document from which potential investors can understand Scotland’s future national projects.

The MIR does not identify a clear timescale for NPF3. The Alliance recommends that the action programme for NPF3 offer clear guidance on timescales for particular actions and projects which reflect the timescales set down for development plan action plans and the Alliance’s own strategic priorities.

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